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It's more of a potential prolog for a fun story line that may or may not take sexy old woman a life of its own. Before the jolly Caribbean pirates of the big screens were breaking into song and dance and become intertwined into modern pop culture we had the pirates of Carthage. Carthage was a vast empire that controlled much of the Mediterranean and held the Straight of older naked ladies Gibraltar under iron clad control.

When you ask people these days about Pirates. The Pirates of Carthage were rumored to be blood thirsty savages who killed, raped, and pillaged for the sheer ecstasy of seeing the terror and fear reflected in the eyes of their victims as they drank the blood of the slain and laughed at the screams and tears of their victims.

Being captured by a Carthaginian ship wasn't simply a loss of your bounty. No nude mature women over 40 ship from Europe could conduct commerce, trade, or travel beyond its European shores without paying a heft tariff to the growing and wealthy Armada of Pirate Battleships under the Carthaginian empire. Countless men would commit suicide and cross over the pits of hell a much welcome reprieve to the fear of what awaited them aboard one of those ships.

Before Hollywood corrupted the purity and essence of what it nude old woman means to be a Pirate. My name is Jasmine Dabir and I am a descendant of these great and fearsome men. Grown men would cry in terror at the mere idea of being capture. Her journey as she went from potential bride and heiress of untold fortunes to captive, love slave, whore and eventually wife and queen of the greatest naval fleet in recorded history.

My mother's bondage to the fearsome captain, the terror of the seven seas who capture my mother during her voyage to meet her future husband. This is the story of my birth. Hear her story and live her experiences as bit by bit she rose from captive to hold the mantel of one of the most powerful female figures in recorded history.

I'll let you into a world full of intrigue and mystery. Note: I posted this on dpp, and thought others might enjoy it on here. Join me as we replay my mothers sins, her sexual depravity, her seductions and manipulations mature women as she gained favors and power. Learn the true history of the mature women world and the power of unquenchable raw carnal sex, whoring, looting and lusting has toppled empires and razed cities much more swiftly and decisively then any grandiose battle you may have heard of.

This is a story of love, betrayal, seduction and how one woman having been stripped of all she holds dear rose from the very darkest pits of hell to command hand in hand with the Demon of the Carthage one of the most powerful and fearful empires the world has ever seen. Let me tell you how the pale creamy white skin, the love making skills and sheer erotic aura of this vixen so well known that it transcended cultures and eras.

The siren of mature women the west. Discover how more empires fell under the seductive wiles of a pirate queen then any guns, or cannons. What they all tend to think of is a very vivid and disnified version of Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean. The seductress of men, enslaver mature naked women of boys and mistress to all. Come in and meet the terror and delight of the seven sea, Nassira submitted by malerp [link] [comment]

Transcribed into mythological deities of new and old.

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